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Email Marketing

Many of our clients just want us to send out their ad to our lists.  We offer our Ad Campaign service for those customers.

Here's how it works:

* We determine which lists/states/quantities you want
* You select your launch data (we need 3 days lead)
* Purchase your campaign - pricing is on the right 
* Send us your ad
* We send you a mock up of your ad in our system
* You Edit/Approve the ad
* Once we have your approval, we schedule it to send


If you need a stable platform to mail these emails from, we are happy to refer you to the same service we use.

The service we use is domestic based - East Coast.  They are also very professional and reliable.  

Best of all, they won't ask you "where did you get these lists", they will know you bought them from Baseball Marketing.  You can mail with them in unlimited quantities.  There is no "ramp up" period for new customers.  They trust our lists.  They help dozens our our clients.

They do not charge a "monthly database fee" just to have your contacts in their system.  They charge a "per send" rate, which means you only pay when you mail.

Let me know if I can introduce you to them.

Contact Coach Jay  
(480) 498-8388 
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If You Have Us Do Your Mailing

You control ad creation / approvals
Full set of mailing reports with every mailing


    Mailing Prices:
    10,000 emails - $265
    20,000 emails - $435
    40,000 emails - $700
    50,000 emails - $825
    100,000 emails - $1200
    150,000 emails - $1550
    200,000 emails - $1875
    300,000 emails - $2460
    500,000 emails - $3750
    750,000 emails - $5175
    1,000,000 emails - $6400
    1,250,000 emails - $7375
    1,500,000 emails - $8100

    * On any list purchase - we will do the first mailing for an additional 20% of your total list purchase.  Future mailings on the same list are available at 50% of the 1x pricing above.