Baseball Marketing is founded and run by Coach Jay
  • 23 years managing a direct marketing consulting firm.  Clients include Qwest, IBM, multiple seminar companies, multiple telecommunications companies, multiple baseball companies including several nationwide baseball camp providers and one Major League Baseball team. Production and list rentals of over 20 million pieces of direct mail.
  • Coach of multiple baseball teams every year
  • Runs baseball camps and tournaments 
  • Baseball Instruction for individual players


The original concept for these lists was to help me sell baseball equipment online.  As a database marketer by trade, the first thing I did was search for a list I could rent to expand my efforts.  There just wasn't one.

So I set off building my list collecting email by email.  Searching team websites, and other baseball specific websites, I slowly built my list - knowing that I had 100% targeted the audience I wanted to reach - because I knew exactly where each address came from.

It later occurred to me that others were in a similar situation - baseball items, tournaments, trainings and news to sell and no lists to use to help them.  That is when I put these lists on the market for others to use.

In essence, I have done what many of you are doing to varying degrees - building the same list - one address at a time.

I keep my lists very affordable so you can spend your time perfecting your trade - not going blind searching for email addresses.

I look forward to working with you.
Coach Jay 

Contact Coach Jay
Baseball Marketing
Coach Jay
(480) 498-8388

A Very Partial List of Companies That 
Baseball Marketing Has Had The Honor To Have Helped

Tournaments Jerseys/Hats/Spirit Equipment
AABC Boombah Akadema
AAU Game Gear All Sports
ABC Championships Hollaway Athalonz
All World Louisville Slugger Athletic Provision
Atlantic Coast Pin Creator Bat Cage Co
BC Baseball Pin Pros Bat Speed
BlueChip  PinZone Bownet
Buckeye League Prep Gear C Spin Trainer
Bullpen Tourneys Protime Championship
Cicny Flames Richardson Cover Master
Cooperstown Sportwise Douglas Sports
Cooperstown bball Uniforms Express Eli's Tees
Diamond Nation Victory Eye Black
ECT Baseball Wildpins Franklin
Field Of Dreams Win Win Fungo Man
First Pitch Z Hats Game Signs
Fishers Jugs Sports
Florida League Bats Max BP
Game day ABC On Deck Sports
JP Tournaments Akadema Pocket Radar
King Sports Annex Port Jeff Sports
Lenz Field Anchor Power Net
Nations Dbat Rightview Pro
NYS Baseball Rude American Sports Framing
Ohio Bombers Sam Bats Steel Locker
Pitch 'n Hit  Southbat Tanner Tees
Platinum Trinity
Southwest Wood Bat Beaver
Sports at the Beach Warstick Software
Stars and Stripes Camps/Training All Teamz
Tag-em Tournaments ABD Academy Drill Book
Triple Crown AZ Diamondbacks Camps Sports Signup
USA Premier Baseball Clinics TSM Management
USSSA Bridge Athletic
Vero Beach Catchers Camp
Xtreme Duquette Sports Fundraising
Elite Training 99 Pledges
Frozen Ropes ABC Fundraising
MLB Academy Brax
MN Twins Camps Go for the Cure
Nike Baseball Camps Go for the Gold
Texas Baseball Ranch
US Sports Camp
USA Camps