Terms Of Service

Baseball Marketing 
Terms of Service

Best Effort
Baseball Marketing makes is best effort to provide lists that are targeted, accurate, clean, up-to-date and deliverable.  Many steps during the list creation phase are performed to make each list as high quality as possible.  There are certain items including deliverability, spam traps and junk emails that are just not detectable through these processes.  List purchasers take on an inherent risk when using any of these lists.

We take every step possible to make our lists as deliverable as they can be.  In most cases our new lists are 93% deliverable or higher.  Dated lists can/will deliver at a lower rate as the industry standard for coaches changing email addresses is 10% or more each year.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to continuously take out undeliverable emails from any list after it is purchased from Baseball Marketing.  It is also suggested that each purchaser take responsibility for know how mailing styles (types of ads, quantities at one time and frequency) all play into the deliverability of any list.  Also, choosing a mailing service can have a significant impact on how well a list will be considered "deliverable".

Response Rate for Mailer
Baseball Marketing is not responsible for the response rate or ROI for any list purchaser.  These items are mostly determined by things under the control of the list purchaser.  Quality of the website, closing process, pricing, follow up and quality of product or service ultimately drive response rate.  As a benchmark, most mailings on the lists will produce deliverable rates of 93%, Open rates of 10% - 35% and Click through rates of 0 - 1.5%.  Variances outside of these norms would require a thorough look into the processes under which the list was mailed.

Unintended Damages to Mailer
At any time during the use of these lists, the purchaser runs the risk of having their mailing account come into question or shut down by their service provider.  This is usually based on the number (%) of undeliverable emails send and the number (%) of spam complaints received from any particular mailing.  Spam Traps may also trigger a mailing service account to be shut down or a domain to become black listed.  Since the lists are generally within industry standards, should any of these outcomes take place, it is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Baseball Marketing is not responsible for any content of a list purchaser's ad, website or follow up material.  Purchaser takes full responsibility for all content.

Usage License
When a list is purchased, the purchaser has an unlimited internal usage license.  In other words, any list purchased can be used in any way or frequency that the purchaser sees fit as long is it is used for the product or services that the purchaser's business.  This usage license does not permit the purchaser to transfer, sell, give or barter in any manner any of the email addresses contained in any of the lists purchased.

All lists are seeded for tracking purposes.  This process is to monitor who is using the lists and to insure that they are being used only by the purchaser of each list.

Additional List Work
Should a list purchaser decide to make any modifications to a purchased list - they do so at their own expense and risk.

All lists are unduplicated before they are purchased.  Most mailing systems will unduplicate lists if they are put into the same system.  Purchasers are responsible to make sure they unduplicate purchased lists against any other lists.