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Current Sale Offers

Baseball Equipment Trades
If you would rather trade equipment for lists - make us a proposal - we will consider all reasonable options.
We are open to trades up to 50% of the value of any order.
All trades are done at full retail value - yours and ours.
Trades are not offered in conjunction with any sale pricing.

Banner Ads on your website 
are also now acceptable as a trade item!

Baseball Marketing is honored 
by your revenue sharing offers.

If you are interested in proposing a revenue sharing relationship with us, here are the guidelines to work with as you consider your proposal:
  • We do not have time to coordinate your marketing campaigns.  We simply have too many other projects going on.  We can recommend and advise, but can't coordinate.
  • We will "partner" with you on the purchase of our lists
  • Revenue sharing can only be considered on list purchases of over 250,000 contacts
  • 50% of the price of the normal list purchase price is required to initiate a revenue sharing/commission relationship.
  • Take your normal commission rate and cut it in half and offer that to us on a monthly basis.
  • Instead of a revenue share or a commission we will call this a list rental price on the 2nd half of the list.
Having this outline prior to considering such a relationship will save us both some time in the negotiation stage.


Contact -
for ordering instructions.

  • We will email you an invoice for the amount of your list purchase.
  • You can click through that invoice to pay with any CC or debit card.
  • The purchased list(s) will be emailed to you shortly after payment is received.
  • OR - you can call and we can take a CC payment over the phone.

If you have questions or want to discuss your specific order, please contact Coach Jay.

Coach Jay ~ (480) 498-8388  ~  Email

Baseball Marketing